At Jimmy Lee Entertainments we aim to offer as complete a service as possible so there is less need to shop around or have a catalogue of different suppliers, risking confusion and mistakes. Although we cannot feasibly be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all types of event, we aim to do so from an entertainment perspective. The more we can offer to you the easier preparing your party will be and the more vital our company is to you.

    Offering a wide range of products and services does not come at a price to the customer though. Heavy investment and quality sourcing means we can offer extremely competitive rates to our customers. All equipment is of the highest standard and fully PAT tested. Here are some of our main offerings.

    * Extras must be booked a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date. These extras are not available independently of booking Jimmy Lee Entertainments for a DJ at any event.They are only available as part of a package, hence these are offered at exceptional rates.

    Please contact us for these or any other extras not listed above